Monday, 10 January 2011

Fraser Island 2011

After reading about the largest sand island in the world in National Geographic we decided to go and see it. It is located on the East Coast of Australia, between Cairns and Brisbane.

This island is made up of 98% sand and 2% rock with dingos (wild dogs) and is particularly interesting as its sub tropical climate is unique. Most oasis there are only a few palms around the water, here on this sandy island there is a true rain forest which flourishes with flora and fauna of all shapes and sizes.

The journey itself is great as there are bumpy dirt roads that one goes on in jeeps to discover the most interesting areas of the island like lake McKenzie (apparently the bluest lake in the world), ship wreck and of course the 75 mile beach about 90 km beach where 4WD drive up and down.

The history of the island is really interesting from Aborigine, to the naming of the island, to the timber and wood exploration but the highlight for me was Wobbi beach, a lake which will disappear in about 80 years, as it lies between about a 60% incline sand dune and tree/rain forest. It is a sight! To get there one needs to track through jungle and breathtaking desert like dunes but it really is worth it. This is a close as I have ever been to a true oasis.


Thank you National Geographic, the pictures/description in that article that triggered me to go there was definitely worth it! Two days in nothing short of paradise on earth.
Here is National Geographics article: Sands of Time

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