Thursday, 24 April 2008

Back to Lisbon

Hi everyone, I thought that this picture kinda of says it all about me... world traveller.

After my trip to Amsterdam the plan was to go to Thailand for a week with my mates from Portugal. We got a good deal from Portugal, hence I flew from Scotland to Portugal through Amsterdam. Little did I know that I would miss my connection at Amsterdam due to bad weather here at Aberdeen, and would have to wait 8 hours at Schipol. I would have left the airport but again the weather in Holland was not great so I ended up getting an upgrade ticket and spent my time in the Executive Lounge - Crown Lounge!!!! It was great, although I was the only guy in jeans... but hey I just played it... I am way to rich to worry how I look!!!

I made it to Lisbon about 12hours later and my luggage was still in Amsterdam:( What a way to start my trip to Thailand... but who cares I was going to be with my mates and that is all that really matters!

The following day I woke up at 7 to meet some mates, have breakfast with them, and then meet up with Mike, Ana and Rui who where going with me on this wonderful trip to Thailand:)

We caught a taxi to the Airport and that is where the adventure started....
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