Thursday, 4 December 2008

Boogie Bus:)

I could not leave Scotland without going on a Boogie Bus!!!! For those of you who have never tried it out... all I can say is... JUST DO IT!!!!

There were 23 of us, all on a bus, music, dancing on the bus, drinking, stopping at pubs/nightclubs and back on the bus... more dancing, more fun....

I guess it is hard to explain what the boogie bus is... all I know that it WAS FANTASTIC. It was a great night:)

We stopped at about 6 or 7 pubs.... in the middle of the country side... nice pubs, where we just walked in and "took" over the place. The folk were very friendly... all I can I am glad I did it.

It kinda of reminded me of those MTV videos.... all the women dancing on a bus!? where everyone is having lots of fun... and most people think that is never going to happen... well guess again...

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!!!

Long live the boogie bus:)

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