Saturday, 19 January 2008

Weekend in Manchester:)

Hi everyone,
This is just a quick entry to let you all know about my weekend in Manchester.
Here is a cool photo of the Manchester Wheel... it is smaller than the London Eye but still you get a great view from the top.

Okay this photo was supposed to be cool but anyway.... it reminded me of my White Opel Corsa with the blue neons!!! ehehehe

Ya and any trip to Manchester would be wasted if you do not go and see Old Trafford!!!!
Where "o nosso" Ronaldo is the man!!!!

Here is a photo of the changing room in Old Trafford... no wonder him and Rooney do so well they even sit next to each other in the changing rooms!!!

And here is the pitch.... it is cool.... okay I have seen better stadiums... but still very impressive....

Manchester is a great place... I must say that the night life rules.... Printworks.... Deansgate... ohh man.... you guys have got to go.... ahhh when you do... dont forget me.... it is only a 7h drive from Aberdeen!!!!!

Kamone, Ideias, Gareth
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