Wednesday, 6 May 2009

2 weeks in Natick... just outside Boston

So the reason why I went to Boston was to have some training at the MathWorks:) I really loved it because I ended up meeting lots of international people from the company...Japan, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, China, US, Sweden, UK... we all got flown in to Natick the head quarters for 2 weeks training. Well the training for my role was not that much but more of an opportunity to meet people from other offices.

I mean the place is AMAZING!!!! The MathWorks!!! Thanks:) I really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot.

GEEK FACT: was one of the first 100 commercial domains (web address) to ever exist!!!!!

The training went really well, and I think I made the most of it... as the following posts... will tell:)

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