Sunday, 8 January 2012

Kuala Lumpur 2012

We hadn't really discovered the wonders of KL so we went back for a few days. Considering the mere dimension of KL we decided to take the hop on hop off bus around the city. Of course we went to the KL tower and the Petrona Twin Towers. These 2 landmarks really paint the picture of how quickly KL has grown and how the city line is nothing short of a modern megalithic city. Some would even considere them as a good representation of how modern Malaysia is.


Shopping is also a clear highlight of the KL, where clothes are cheap, malls are humongous, variety in closes is nothing short of a paradise for women. Even I enjoyed the shopping and being able to discover the wonders of IT in this part of the world. Our favorite mall was Times Square a “small” 10 floor shopping center with EVERYTHING, even a Nando’s restaurant with Portuguese Piri-Piri chicken.

We tried some of Ogawa electronic foot, back and even eye massage. This seems to be so common in Asia and yet so rare in Europe taking our shopping experience to the next level.

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