Thursday, 8 January 2009

Last day at Oceanscan

Hi everyone,

Well it is true, I have left Aberdeen and Oceanscan. It is strange how only when you leave do you fully appreciate how many good friends you make along the way. These guys all took me in as one of their own, showed me their families, their life style and taught me a lot.... Not just professionally but as a person aswell. For that I am really grateful. Leaving Scotland was not an easy decision, but I guess it was just time for me to move on. So next stop.... Eindhoven - the Netherlands -> MathWorks here I come:)

I just wanted to leave a more personal note on my blog thanking Oceanscan for taking me on board. I have no regrets what so ever and I can only hope that our paths shall cross again some day. But until then you are more than welcome here in Eindhoven:)

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